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LGF Maxwell, also a good density of 57.6 follicles per sq mm

Maxwell's Sire: ATV Zepher

Maxwell's Dam: WTR Silken Suri Marciana

Grandfather: Zeus Rose

Grade 1 Herdsire at Fiber Price!

LGF Maxwell

ARI# 32748918   D.O.B. 5/23/2012  (7 yrs)

Suri, Male, Proven | White

7/8 Peruvian, 1/8 Bolivian
Sire: ATV Zepher | ARI# 1198836  | White 
Dam: WTR Silken Suri Marciana | ARI# 30685659  | White |

We got LGF Maxwell from Little Gidding Farm Suris in Minnesota. All you have to look at is the elite silken suri yarn LGF is producing from the grade 1 and 2 fleeces they are produding on their place to know Max is the kind of male that will definitely improve the fleeces in a person's herd. He's been used to improve theirs! His fiber stats are superb and those genetics come from a lineage of fine micron suri alpacas. Within 1 or 2 generations he has herdsires like ATV Zepher, Zeus Rose, and Snowmass Silken Gold and if you go to the very foundations of his pedigree, you will find the great imported herdsires Inca and Uribe. So, Max has the pedigree, he has the stats, he has the progeny, and when you add that to very good suri conformation, it's obvious that his genetics are the kind a person wants to add to one's herd. Get in touch with us and we'll work to add it to yours!!

Age 3 fiber stats: AFD = 19.1 microns SD = 3.7 microns 1.0% > 30 microns for a CF of 99.0% WOW!!

At age 31 months his biopsy came back with a density of 57.6 follicles per sq. mm. That density is well above average! The average fiber diameter of secondary fibers was 18.0 and for the primary fibers it was 20.4 for only a difference of 2.4 microns. The standard deviations of both of those average fiber diameters was 2.4 and 2.1 respectively. The handle on Maxwell is phenomenal with such little variation in his fiber diameters.

The sale of Maxwell will be cash or credit card only.

Buyer(s) must take care of the cost of any transportation & CVI needed to get Maxwell to their farm.

Updated 4/3/2017