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Great Lock Structure!!

GWAS 2016, came in first in his class over AOA National CC!

A shorn Comet, looking good! He's a Stud!!

Comet's sire Black Beau

The first cria sired by Comet was born in September of 2018. A number of them are due in 2019!

Fiber / Scientific Data

5/12/1710.5# 12.1" 25.4 AFD 5.4 SDAFD 21.3% CV 24.8 SF 17%>30
11/4/1622.3 AFD 5.7 SDAFD 25.4% CV 8.1%>30
6/8/1619 AFD 5.0 SDAFD 26.5% CV 2.4%>30
9/19/1518.4 AFD 4.4 SDAFD 24.1% CV 1.4%>30



ARI# 35118275   D.O.B. 11/29/2014  (4 yrs)

Suri, Male, Proven | Dark Fawn

3/4 Peruvian, 1/4 Bolivian
Sire: Black Beau | ARI# 31429375  | True Black 
Dam: Redemption Hermione | ARI# 32510836  | Light Brown |


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Comet is a 7 time banner winner and is the result of combining some great genetics. His sire is Black Beau of PVA. Comet is from the Mahogany Prince to Kobe to Diamonte to Black Beau line of champion PVA genetics. Black Beau inherited great fleece statistics. Black Beau had EPDs that improved AFD, SDAFD, SF, %>30, MSL, and FW. It was expected that he'd improve every measurable aspect of a fleece in his progeny. Black Beau also had the most beautiful Suri conformation to pass on to his offspring.

Comet's dam was sired by Saladin, a bay black that produced champion offspring including the true black male Psylent Knight. His dam's dam comes from a line of outstanding fine micron fleeces tracing back to imported males Sedoso and Huacho. Before we got her in the EPD pool, Comet's dam Hermione died and he was her only offspring. Hermione's dam Lianka is in the top 2% of EPDs for AFD and at age 9 had an AFD of 25.1 microns. Lianka is maintaining a fineness as she ages. Lianka's dam was tested at age 1 and had a 17.4 micron AFD and her grandmother at age 4 years had a 15.2 micron AFD. Comet has great fleece genetics both in the top and bottom of his pedigree.

Comet has been part of the AOA's EPDs since 2017 and the current results can be seen using the EPD link. He's almost top 1% for staple length at 1.08%. Overall, the EPD rankings are excellent like we expected and it is expected that he will improve every trait in his offspring just like his sire Black Beau. The histogram for the EPD testing shows at age 2.5 years Comet has matured into a dark dawn male with uniform grade 3 fleece. Besides the histograms, Comet has a skin biopsy indicating he has great fleece genetics to pass on to offspring. Besides data, the lock structure of Comet's fleece is outstanding. He maintained a great lock structure in full fleece well past age 2 years. Those locks will be passed on to his progeny. The locks pictured are at 18 months of age. In that picture one can also see the luster is good.

Comet has the fleece genetics, but really he is the whole package. He will also stamp on his crias exemplary Suri conformation. He has the exceptional Suri head from his sire Black Beau and great fleece coverage. He's a solidly built male of good stature. So as a herdsire, Comet should improve your herd in many areas from fineness of fleece to lock structure to conformation to the good sized solid build. His first cria was born in September of 2018 and he looks awesome!

Norm Evan's biopsy from December of 2016.
Density: 61.5 follicles per sq mm.....S/P ratio: 12.4 to 1.....Glands: 2 of 4
SAFD: 24.9 microns.....PAFD: 35.6 microns.....S to P Spread: 10.7 microns


1st Celebrity Sweepstakes 2015 (no CC)
1st American Alpaca Showcase 2015
RC American Alpaca Showcase 2015
CC A-OK Alpaca Blastoff 2015
CC TxOLAN Alpaca Sweetheart Spectacular 2016
RC Southern Select 2016
2nd AOA Nationals 2016 (Comet was youngest in yearling class, CC was 1st in class and judge said it was close between him and the RC, see GWAS)
CC MAPACA Jubilee 2016
1st GWAS 2016(AOA National Color Champion was in his class and this time Comet finished ahead of him with same judge)
RC GWAS 2016
1st Illinois Alpaca Show 2016
1st ABR Fall Festival 2016
RC ABR Fall Festival 2016
RC Nebraska State Fair 2017 Medium Colored Suri Male
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ARI# 35588047   D.O.B. 9/11/2018 (Under 1 yr)
Suri, Male| Dark Rose Grey, 7/8 Peruvian, 1/8 Bolivian, Unproven
Allegiance is the first cria sired by our 7 time banner winner Black Beau's Comet. If he is any sign of the type of crias Comet is going to sire, then...

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